Your well-being requires peaceful thoughts and flourishing emotions. After years of yoga practice and working as a life coach, I have come to understand that the emotions are vital body-mind-spirit sensory equipment. Just as your five physical senses serve to navigate your body, emotions help you to explore your life. Your emotions are guides, leading you toward feeling inner peace amidst the challenges life brings.

Happiness depends on feeling good

Life doesn’t have to be an emotional roller coaster

Emotional Liberation is freedom from negative, reactive behavior patterns and the haunting history that caused them. This book will give you the theory and practice to use heavy emotions for personal growth and therapeutic healing.
When you learn how to mindfully work with your emotions, you regain your power and discover how to heal yourself.

Your feelings become a source of wisdom and guidance, instead of something that keeps you stuck.

You can order the book by itself, or you can also sign up for one or both of the accompanying courses to help you implement the tools in Emotional Liberation in your life